21 April, 2011

How tawhid shapes your life?

How tawhid shapes your life?

In the aspect of politic, I realize that politic in Islam is important and it stress on how to build a daulah islamiah so that I will deny the ‘politik kotor’. One muslim scholar says that the purpose of the human creation is to build up the ‘deen’ and manage the world with it. That is the reason why human must put this religion (Islam) in the top of all things. We must practice it as a way of life since it carry all aspects in our life from the simple things such as the dua’ to go to the toilet to the most complex things such as to manage the country. Tawhid Asma wa al-sifat is the belief that Allah has attributes and names. One of the names is The Knower. I will practice politics based on Islam as I know that Allah knows every single things that I do. The human will fear for Allah for His punishment.

In the aspect of economy, I would practice economy based on Islamic teachings. Islam deny the people to take ‘riba’, so I will not take it even a small or large proportion. Some of the attributes of Allah in tawhid asma wa al-sifat is The one who always see and The Knower. If I take ‘riba’, Allah will know and see my act. So that I must avoid myself from taking riba because it is haram in Islam. Besides, it teaches me to be honest in doing business because I know that Allah knows my action in doing the business.

Tawhid shapes in my social life by building the self respect in myself and being modest in all things that I do. Tawhid rububiyyah is the belief that only Allah creates all things in this world. As I believe that Allah is the sustainer, only He can give the rizq to me. So that, by being modest in all things, I should not be worried of the rizq that will come to me because I know that I have obey Allah and only Him have the right to give rizq to His servant. Tawhid also make me to be optimistic person in facing the troubles in life. In Tawhid asma wa al-sifat, one of the attributes is The Generous. He will give help to whoever seek for His help. He will always hear all of His servants’ problems. I will try to solve my problems and seek help from Allah because I know that He knows my problems and He will help me.

Tawhid Uluhiyyah is the belief in the unity of Allah’s worship. Only He alone deserve to be worshipped and can grant benefit to man as a result of his worship. From that ‘ibadah, it makes my attitudes become more positive because the ‘ibadah can avoid the person from commiting the munkar. It helps me in building positive attitudes towards people surrounding me and there will be a good relationship among other people.

One of the attributes of Allah in tawhid in asma wa al-sifat is The Most Merciful. Allah loves His servants very much. So as a servant, I must take good effort in loving Allah. Entertainment such as nasyid is one of the way to love Allah. The lyrics of the songs have great messages in putting love only for Allah. This effort make me feel closer to Allah and become more grateful to Allah. This action will avoid me from choosing the bad songs that mostly spreading the bad message to people to loosen their faith to Allah.

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Peace in the desert

When Muslims went back to Madinah, they felt much safer and stronger. The Quraysh and Jew which were the great sources of danger to Muslims community in Madinah were neutralized but the other source of danger to Muslims was Bedouin Arabs. The Bedouin Arabs were everywhere in Arabian Peninsula. They did not like the rise of Muslims so that they always planning to launch raids and attacks on Madinah because they did not want the Muslims to live in peace.

The Prophet’s prime objective was the Muslims must be free to convey the message of Islam all over Arabia and also to the world. People also must have freedom to adopt Islam if they convince of its truth. So that the expeditions were planned to the ones that keep attacking or harming the Muslims.

Three expeditions were mounted that the first was led by Umar ibn al-Khattab and 30 horsemen. The aim was to the clans of Hawazin but Umar failed because Hawazin managed to fly away. Otherwise Umar found the group of the Khath’am. Umar did not attack them since it was not the order of the Prophet. This showed that Muslims attacked on the group that caused them harm only. Second expedition was led by Abu Bakr and his target was the tribe of Fazarah. Third expedition was led by Bashir ibn Sa’d from Ansar. They went back to Madinah with a herd of cattle belonged to Murrah people but Murrah people managed to take it back when they managed to catch them back. The Muslims army were not well armed so that many of them were injured. Bashir was injured in that expedition. The purposes of all of the expeditions were to get security so that the God’s message could be explained to the people through emissaries sent from Prophet to various tribes in peace.

An example of discipline of the companions of the Prophet was about Ghalib ibn ‘Abdullah in expedition to attack people of Mulawwah at al-Kadid. He climbed a hill to look at their homes. He became to appear like a stationary object at the hill. A man of Mulawwah saw him and he took two arrows to hit him to ensure what was the object. The muslim did not move instead keep pulling out the arrows. The man thought that if it was a man, he must be moved. Then he assumed that was nothing danger to them. The Muslim preferred to suffer rather than alerted their enemy knew their presence of that time. The Muslims could rely on God’s help that God always help those who willing to sacrifice for His sake.

The expedition gave them peace to convey the Islam all over Arabia without worry being attacked. The Muslims knew that their task was to explain the principles of Islam and the benefit for man to the true happiness. In conveying God’s message, they neither suppose nor try and also compel people to adopt Islam. Conversion by such treat is alien to the nature of Islam. However, it is normal for people who did not prepare for new religion or theory. Security is important in fulfilling the Prophet’s and Muslims’ task that was by making Islam known to people all over the world and also freedom for people to adopt Islam without any persecution. This is the practicality and realism of Islam that is confronting every situation with appropriate measures. Islam is an universal message which God sent for all mankind that the people in this world should be known about it. The Muslims should give their support and effort to spread it.

bolehkah kita semua membayangkan betapa tabahnya sahabat2 nabi menghadapi rintangan dalam perjuangan? hasil daripada tarbiyyah nabi kepada para sahabatnya, mereka menjadi seorang yang amat mencintai ALLAH & RASULNYA. sanggupkah kita berada di tempat mereka? menanggung penderitaan dari segenap sudut? Ini jelas menunjukkan betapa pergantungan mereka kepada ALLAH SWT itu amat tinggi.

*sorry if english broken.actually this is a summary of PEACE IN THE DESERT (chapter in sirah) that is my assignment of UNGS 2030. Hope this post can bring a lot of benefit to us!!!=)


08 April, 2011


Do you know what is the difference between IIUM students compared to the other university students? Keep reading and you will know the answer.hehe

Here I want to tell you the things that I have discovered in CFS IIUM, before I go to Kuantan Campus.

Pada tanggal 2 April yang lalu, aku dan beberapa orang sahabatku pulang ke CFS. Do you know why?sesetengah orang luar mungkin buat assumption..repeat kot,bla..bla..bla..and whateva..

hah??repeat??mintak jauh2!!seram bunyinya.

Actually, certain kos di UIA perlu membuat subjek UNGS di CFS. Subjek ini adalah salah satu subjek yang perlu dipelajari di main campus iaitu UIA Gombak dan UIA Kuantan. Berat rasa dihati untuk meninggalkan rumah setelah lebih kurang sebulan bercuti, tambahan lagi anak saudara yang baru dilahirkan masih berada di rumah. Apatah lagi adik lelakiku yang hanya muda setahun dariku sudahpun bercuti kerana dia hanya asasi setahun, berbanding denganku iaitu dua tahun. Namun demi pelajaranku, aku akur sahaja kehendak Ilahi. He knows best for me!

Semasa first time masuk kelas, memang excited..kerana curious apa sebenarnya subjek UNGS itu. Lecturerku bernama Dr. Salah Machouche ben Tahar(sempat salin nama penuhnya di slide..he2). Mukanya ada iras-iras orang Arab, cuma tidaklah berapa tinggi, have a sharp nose and red skin. Beliau seorang yang bagus,banyak perkara yang aku dapat pelajari hari itu..cuma..first time masuk biasalah, banyak benda yang aku tak dapat tangkap maksudnya, mungkin kerana dialeknya agak pelik..haha.

Ok now I want to tell you why the students of IIUM are different from the other university students?

It is because of this subject. Do you believe me or not? believe it!
As far as I know, only this university have this syllabus that their students compulsory to take it. If the students apply the content of this subject, surely they will become different from other students. Such a GREAT THING!!!

Do you know what is it (UNGS)? It is the short form of Universal General Studies. It told us about all things about Islam, what is the purpose of human live in this world, prophethood, Al-Akhirah and many more. Interesting right? Do you want to know it further? Choose to further your studies at IIUM...hehehe

The first thing you must set up in studying is NIAH.That is study only for THE SAKE OF ALLAH S.W.T. When you have that NIAH, InsyaAllah, you will be a 'BEST STUDENT' =)

Do you know how to bring peace in your life?
That is the way you can live peacefully in this world and hereafter..insyaAllah..

My lecturer always stress us on PRACTICING MEDICINE IN THE NAME OF ALLAH S.W.T since we take medicine-based course such as audiology, optometry, dietetics, fisiotherapy, and radiology.
I feel very lucky to study in this university since it brought the important message for their students before they finish their studies. They promote their students to implement Islamic values in practicing medicine and always seek hope from ALLAH in treating people because He is the only one that cures people, not THE DOCTOR!

And the most clear message that I found out is that my lecturer have plant the doctrine of getting married in early age. He said that one that getting married is near to complete half of their religion. I don't remember what is the name of the scholar that mentioned by my lecturer that once looked for another woman to get married just after his wife died. Everyone will have negative thinking towards him but he has his own stand. He said that he will feel embarass to God since he will stand only on his one feet, not two feet in front of Him.

This doctrine has spread to the UNGS students including my roommates hahaha. I feel that it become worse from day to day. The opinion of someone will be greatly affected to their people they are talked to. Yes, I agree with that statement! Moreover the one who talk is the education people. Of course many people will be easily agree with the doctrine. Furthermore one of my friends has been asked for?? hahaha..seriously I feel that it has becoming worse from day to day. Maybe their time has arrived.hehehe. But me??I will think of it seriously when I reach to the age of 25 and above.hehehe

It's not a small thing you know. It's about your life, the one that will take care of yourself. So? What you give you get back. If you want the best for you, you must try to be the best! chayok2!!=)

'Biarkan ALLAH yang mengatur segalanya, semuanya akan baik-baik saja, semua akan indah pada waktunya'

Just nice to share the quote with all of you.hehehe.

NIKAH. CONNECTING PEOPLE. Hanya ISLAM jalan penyelesaiannya kepada masalah yang berlaku sekarang ini iaitu zina. TURN TO ALLAH. HE'S NEVER FAR AWAY.

p/s: maaflah, broken English..hehe.just trying=)