25 June, 2010

Will you marry you???

My…isn’t an interesting question! An article had ask me to think of all my own behaviours and habits and ask myself this one, vital question:

~If I met a person (i.e myself) who had this list of characteristics, behaviours and attitudes, would I marry her/him?~

This method is excellent. Hmmm…would I marry me? Surprisingly, I found my honest self saying, “Maybe.” Instead of, “Definitely,” or “Of course!,” So, I then asked myself what thing I should do to help me to change my answer from a maybe to a definite Yes? And so I started creating another list like:

~Would I befriend me? Would I trust me? Would I love me? Would I student me? Or Would I daughter me?

In other word you can rephrase the question like Would I take me as a friend? Would I trust a person like me? Etc..

Allah our creator, has told us the importance of taking the responsibility for our actions:

(To any of you that chooses to press forward, or to follow behind every soul will be (held) in pledge its deeds) (Al-Muddathir 74: 37-38)

Subhanallah. We will be asked by Allah to account for our individual actions, and the most important thing we will be that we are responsible and accountable for them. Responsible and accountable.
This means that I should modify whatever behavior is not desirable, right? Change it with my hands. Unless I change my own behaviors with my own actions,they will remain the same. Allah will not change for me, if I, myself, refuse to change what I do, or who I am, right now. It’s all up to me

But then Allah had told me if I doa actually turn to Him, then He would give me this….
(Turn towards Allah, O believers, every one of you, so that you may be successful) (An-Nur 24: 31)

Just a simple tips:
Change. Turns towards Him. And be successful.