21 April, 2011

Peace in the desert

When Muslims went back to Madinah, they felt much safer and stronger. The Quraysh and Jew which were the great sources of danger to Muslims community in Madinah were neutralized but the other source of danger to Muslims was Bedouin Arabs. The Bedouin Arabs were everywhere in Arabian Peninsula. They did not like the rise of Muslims so that they always planning to launch raids and attacks on Madinah because they did not want the Muslims to live in peace.

The Prophet’s prime objective was the Muslims must be free to convey the message of Islam all over Arabia and also to the world. People also must have freedom to adopt Islam if they convince of its truth. So that the expeditions were planned to the ones that keep attacking or harming the Muslims.

Three expeditions were mounted that the first was led by Umar ibn al-Khattab and 30 horsemen. The aim was to the clans of Hawazin but Umar failed because Hawazin managed to fly away. Otherwise Umar found the group of the Khath’am. Umar did not attack them since it was not the order of the Prophet. This showed that Muslims attacked on the group that caused them harm only. Second expedition was led by Abu Bakr and his target was the tribe of Fazarah. Third expedition was led by Bashir ibn Sa’d from Ansar. They went back to Madinah with a herd of cattle belonged to Murrah people but Murrah people managed to take it back when they managed to catch them back. The Muslims army were not well armed so that many of them were injured. Bashir was injured in that expedition. The purposes of all of the expeditions were to get security so that the God’s message could be explained to the people through emissaries sent from Prophet to various tribes in peace.

An example of discipline of the companions of the Prophet was about Ghalib ibn ‘Abdullah in expedition to attack people of Mulawwah at al-Kadid. He climbed a hill to look at their homes. He became to appear like a stationary object at the hill. A man of Mulawwah saw him and he took two arrows to hit him to ensure what was the object. The muslim did not move instead keep pulling out the arrows. The man thought that if it was a man, he must be moved. Then he assumed that was nothing danger to them. The Muslim preferred to suffer rather than alerted their enemy knew their presence of that time. The Muslims could rely on God’s help that God always help those who willing to sacrifice for His sake.

The expedition gave them peace to convey the Islam all over Arabia without worry being attacked. The Muslims knew that their task was to explain the principles of Islam and the benefit for man to the true happiness. In conveying God’s message, they neither suppose nor try and also compel people to adopt Islam. Conversion by such treat is alien to the nature of Islam. However, it is normal for people who did not prepare for new religion or theory. Security is important in fulfilling the Prophet’s and Muslims’ task that was by making Islam known to people all over the world and also freedom for people to adopt Islam without any persecution. This is the practicality and realism of Islam that is confronting every situation with appropriate measures. Islam is an universal message which God sent for all mankind that the people in this world should be known about it. The Muslims should give their support and effort to spread it.

bolehkah kita semua membayangkan betapa tabahnya sahabat2 nabi menghadapi rintangan dalam perjuangan? hasil daripada tarbiyyah nabi kepada para sahabatnya, mereka menjadi seorang yang amat mencintai ALLAH & RASULNYA. sanggupkah kita berada di tempat mereka? menanggung penderitaan dari segenap sudut? Ini jelas menunjukkan betapa pergantungan mereka kepada ALLAH SWT itu amat tinggi.

*sorry if english broken.actually this is a summary of PEACE IN THE DESERT (chapter in sirah) that is my assignment of UNGS 2030. Hope this post can bring a lot of benefit to us!!!=)